Stand Up Boise

Stand Up Boise | Open Mic Comedy Event

Craft Brewers of Boise will be hosting Stand Up Boise Open Mic comedy event. This is a series of local comedians that are able to get up and share their jokes with us for free! We appreciate the audience members who come in and buy beers while supporting our business, but laughter is always just as good. Sign-up below if you’re interested in performing so we can work on getting your name into the show’s lineup before it fills up completely!

Craft brewers everywhere know how important giving back to both customers and community through public events like open mic nights; at Craft Brewers of Boise, this mission extends not only within ourselves by also inviting some hilarious stand-ups from around town every month or two for an intimate night filled.

Comedian Sign Up!

July 31st 8-10pm