Uinta Sea Legs


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It’s cold and rainy and the perfect time for a rich smooth roasty brew to sip on. But as much as we love big-ass imperial stouts, sometimes you want something a little different.
May we recommend a barrel aged Baltic Porter?
This seasonal from Uinta Brewing is just a little different. First of all they utilize lager yeast for a much cleaner, crisper fermentation than your average ale. Thus the malty caramel notes and roasted barley overtones are much more pronounced. A touch of bourbon and wood add some vanilla, smoke and leather complexity that makes this beer feel like an imperial stout you can drink by the six-pack. One might be tempted to use the phrase, ‘session stout’ until they learn about the 9.5% ABV.
A delicious and full bodied selection for those who want a nice bourbon barrel aged imperial stout without shelling out $20 a bottle.


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