Sockeye Ruffneck Black IPA


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A deceptively smooth style from a bygone era of craft beer.

Before things got hazy, brewers trying to push the envelope tried several different things to make their IPA a little different. A few crazy souls stumbled on the idea of making their IPA’s dark in color.

But besides arguing about what to call it (is it a black IPA? A black India PALE Ale? Or is it a Cascadian Dark Ale?) often the roasted grains and hops would clash. But when done right, this style had the opportunity to be absolutely sublime.

Sockeye’s newest seasonal manages to combine the dry, roasty flavor with piney, floral, grapefruity hops in just the right combination where the contrasting flavors come together in a way that proves that flavors that clash can do so in a surprisingly elegant way. A hint of chocolate helps cut the bitterness. And at about 8% it helps shake off the winter cold.  A beautiful selection for those looking for something besides yet another hazy.


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