Shades Indian Masala Sour


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Shades brewing out of Salt Lake City, Utah is known for the crazy flavors they infuse their sours with. This one is no exception.

One might be trepidatious about a beer with such savory flavors. Fruit? Of course. Chocolate, or smoke. Both are good in a rich porter or stout. Some breweries even get wild with hot peppers, basil or other culinary flavors. But curry, graham masala and coconut?

But from the first sip, one realizes that they are holding something unique. The curry and masala blends with the sweet coconut and lactose to accentuate the flavor and temper the spice. The slightly tart base helps cut any residual sweetness. The result is a extremely drinkable, refreshing beverage that reminds one of their favorite Indian dishes. Like the Thai Tom Kai by the same brewery, Shades manages to create a beer that has all the exotic flavors it promises without getting in the way of the refreshing quality of a sour.



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