Nightmare Columbian Necktie


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Spanning over five decades, the Colombian Civil War has raged on with a bloody history of violent clashes, assassinations, guerrilla warfare and human rights violations. The Liberal and Conservative political parties with their internecine feuds have constantly had civilians caught in the crossfire.

Fighting for territory in the countryside, Peasant militias, paramilitary and military used guerrilla and psychological warfare as a grotesque tool, The Colombian Necktie being one of them. Sometimes even done post mortem, it was less for the victim than it was to send a haunting message to the surviving witnesses of the carnage. 

Slicing a deep cut across the neck, the tongue was then pulled through the gash allowing it to dangle down the chest. When done to the living, the victim would die from blood loss, asphyxiation or drowning in their own blood.

Inspiration of flavors came from Champús. (an indigenous drink used in funeral rituals in parts of South America) Overripe mango adds a bright floral citrus tang while the acidic Lulo layers complex funk aromatics on top. Kiwi, bromelain pineapple, unripe strawberry and Soursop all add more complex fruit flavors for a bright, fruity and mildly sour interpretation of this style.


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