Montucky Cold Snack


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Montucky is probably one of the stranger stories in all of craft beer.

A term of endearment for the backwoods of Montana, Montucky started as most breweries do. A couple of guys dreaming about starting a brewery. But when opening a million-dollar facility proved to be out of reach, they started down a different and unique path. First they would contract brew their beer out of Wisconsin which isn’t unusual. Second, they would only brew one type of beer, an American Light Lager, which was the weird part.

Brewed for people who like PBR, Coors or some other domestic, but with a desire to support a smaller more local operation, Montucky has been a raging success in the Mountain West region appealing to ski-bums, backwoods explorers, collage partiers and anyone who just wants a nice refreshing beer at the right price. It’s everything you’d think. Light, clean, and crushable.  Find out for yourself why so many have ditched the ‘Blue Ribbon’ and dug up some Cold Snacks instead.


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