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Quilter’s Irish Death has been a staple of this brewery from the hinterlands of Washington since the beginning. It’s not really a stout, not really a porter, it walks that fine line between the two styles. It’s bold, chocolaty, toffee and dark fruit along with a sweet, creamy mouthfeel makes one think of a big, bold stout. But it’s lower ABV and subtler flavors and overall drinkability¬† are more in line with a porter. For many, this has become the go-to option for something dark, sweet and slightly roasty.

Well, Iron Horse took this favorite and tossed in something extra. PB and Death features everything good about the Irish Death with a hint of peanut butter that blends perfectly with the toasty, chocolaty flavors. The flavor is present but not overpower and adds a little bonus that fans of the original beer are sure to appreciate.


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