March Movie Nights

March Movie Nights

We are excited to show some classic films in the taproom. Join us for a movie and a few pints to kick back and enjoy!

Every Friday and Saturday of March we will be playing a movie in our taproom. This is a Free event and it starts at 7pm. Please RSVP below, so we can make sure there is adequate seating setup.

All films will be ADULT rated films, so we ask nicely to keep your kids home for this. 

What are we playing?

March 5th 7pm: Beerfest: Rated R10 Fun Facts About 'Beerfest' | Mental Floss

March 6th 7pm: Dazed and Confused: Rated RThe Double Nostalgia of Richard Linklater's

March 12th 7pm: Pulp Fiction: Rated RPulp Fiction Reviews - Metacritic

March 13th 7pm: Jackie Brown: Rated R

Jackie Brown - Official Site - Miramax

March 19th 7pm: Total Recall: Rated R

Total Recall (1990 film) - Wikipedia

March 20th 7pm: Blade Runner: Rated R

Movie Review: Blade Runner | The Charlotte News

March 26th 7pm: Office Space: Rated R

'Office Space' Review: 1999 Movie | Hollywood Reporter

March 27th 7pm: Blazing Saddles: Rated R

Blazing Saddles' Review: 1974 Movie | Hollywood Reporter

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