Thank you for your interest in taking home-brewing lessons! We are so excited to offer these classes and be able to teach the process, so that you have a great product. The lesson will go over everything needed, so that you can feel confident in taking your brewing to a next level.


Each batch would cost ($100 + brewing ingredients)


10% off the brewing ingredients with the lesson. Depending on the beer, it could average from $30-60 for ingredients. We would figure this out prior to the start date.


How does the process work?


Before brew-day we would talk about the beer you want to make and put together a recipe that you are looking to achieve. We would then prepare the recipe and ensure all the ingredients are set aside for this day.


1st day (Brewing would take about 4 hours)

On day 1 of your scheduled brew-day, we would go through the entire process and the plan for the day. Each person will have an important role into making this beer turnout the way that it does. This is a fun process, so we will do our best to make the hard parts seem simple. We will mill the grains together, boil the water, create the wort, change tanks and end up with an excellent product ready for fermentation. Don’t worry, we will be there the entire time, guiding through the process and ensuring every step is taken.


2nd day This is dependent on the beer recipe (Two weeks from brew -day)

We would do the second fermentation. This would take about 15-30 minutes needed for this. The process of going from the first fermenter to the second fermenter helps achieve a more balanced and clear beer. This transfer does not take too long, but an essential part of the process.


3rd day (15-30 days from brewing dependent on the beer recipe)

The beer would be ready to take home. At this stage, you are able to take the beer home with you. We have a few options available.

  1. If you prefer to bottle your beer. This is the lowest cost and the standard 48 beers (2 cases) would cost you $24.99, plus tax.
  2. If you prefer to can your beer. This is the best option available due to: lighting exposure, recyclability, more fun to do and most importantly, a better beer product. This cost is about $50, including 30 160z cans, unlimited nitrogen and use of the canning machine.


If you have a Cornelius keg or want to bring it home to bottle on your own, that is also an option.


If you have any questions or would like to sign-up for the class, please contact us. We ask that there is a 48-hour cancelation period, since space for this will be limited.