Beer Appreciation

Beer Appreciation Class at Craft Brewers of Boise

Think of it as Beer Geek 101. On the 2nd Wednesday of every month, we’ll be gathering to discuss beer in all its glory. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly makes a stout different than a porter, if you’ve ever asked what makes a hazy IPA hazy, and if you want to be able to describe the unique flavors in your favorite brew than this event is for you. We will be talking about classic and emerging beer styles, helping people describe flavors and, of course, sampling some great craft beer from all over the world. 

June 9th 6-7pm:
The Craft Beer Trends and Evolving Styles

Beer styles change over the years, and some styles are open to interpretation and debate. Simply because a style name hasn’t changed over the years, doesn’t mean that the beers themselves haven’t changed either. In this class, we will go over a few styles that have changes into some of most interesting and growing categories with unique flavors. American Lagers,  Dark Beers and Sours.


Dates and Tickets

Each event will be posted to this page with details of the next upcoming class. Cost of the class is per person and covers the beer that we will be tasting. We look forward to hosting this event and adding more beer enthusiasts to the team!

Cost $10 per person – Includes Beer and Class


April 14th: European Lagers

May 12th: Beyond The Guidelines: The Craft Beer Trends and Evolving Styles

June 9th: Lagers, Dark Beers and Sours… As Trends Change, Styles Continue to Evolve